TradeKing Brokerage Review


I once discussed that my Scottrade account was growing to the point to where it made sense to diversify brokerage accounts. That was June 2013. Better late than never, right?  So here we are now almost two years later and I finally opened a second brokerage account. Truth be told, I should have done this […]

Recent Buy


First off, I want to thank all of you readers out there that purchased my book – you guys made it the #1 best seller on Amazon right now for Kindle e-books in the Stock Market Investing category. Thank you so much! With that said, let’s get into some stock talk.  I was fortunately able […]

My First Book: The Dividend Mantra Way


“Where do I start?” “What is dividend growth investing and why is it a good strategy for those seeking financial independence?” “Why should I even seek financial independence?” “Can you tell me more about how you started?” I get these kinds of questions from readers (especially readers new to the blog) almost every day. I receive […]

Active Versus Passive: A Dollar Isn’t A Dollar


I’ve discovered something really interesting over the years. When I first started out in the auto industry, I was so excited just to make some money. I still remember crossing $30,000 in one year and thinking how “rich” I was. Now, don’t get me wrong, $30,000 is a lot of money, even for an entire year […]

Recent Buy


Buying high-quality dividend growth stocks is just really one of my favorite pastimes. Much like someone might love to engage in a shopping spree at the local mall, the stock market is my “mall” and stocks that pay and grow dividends are my “merchandise”. I foreshadowed this stock purchase, like I usually do, when I […]

Dividend Growth Update – First Quarter 2015


Welcome to the first ever dividend growth update! I’ve decided to start publicly tracking dividend growth as it relates to my portfolio starting from this point forward. I’ll update this information every quarter, which will provide relevant and important information on dividend raises announced by the companies I hold equity in, the size of those dividend […]

Recent Buy


Always feels good to get the first stock purchase of the month in, doesn’t it? Every dollar working on my behalf means I’ll have to work that much less in the future. And since money doesn’t sleep, get tired, or get sick – unlike me – I’d rather my money work for me rather than […]

Income/Expenses For March 2015


I’ve been tracking my income and expenses online since I initiated this blog back in early 2011. I do this for a few reasons. First, I want to prove to the world that it’s possible to become financially independent at a relatively young age even if you don’t make a lot of money. I don’t […]

Dividend Income Update – March 2015


Another month has passed by and it’s time for me to post an article on my favorite subject: dividend income. The reason why I love to post articles on dividend income is because it’s pure numbers. It’s hard to argue the success of long-term dividend growth investing when you can slowly and surely see dividend […]

My Stock Watch List For April 2015


After a really busy March I’m not sure how much capital I’ll be able to deploy over the course of April, but I nonetheless have a nice list of opportunities for any little dollar worker bees I’m able to put to work. Most of the stocks I’m going to list below are those that aren’t […]