Four Reasons I Haven’t Paid Off My Student Loans Yet


Special note: Much of the information discussed in this post refers to my personal experience with student loans. Furthermore, it should be noted that I have federal Direct Loans. Private loans could possibly differ substantially in regards to terms, interest rates, and taxes.  I had a few choices early on in my journey where I […]

Building A Snowball


Although not a new concept, I like to think of my dividend growth stock portfolio as a snowball. If you can imagine standing at the top of a really steep hill, building your snowball from scratch starts with getting your hands on some snow. And the snow, in the case of a dividend growth investor, is capital. […]

Weekend Reading – July 20, 2014


I’m getting this post out a day later than I had planned, which pushes back some other articles. But that’s okay. We’re in the thick of summer and it’s meant to be enjoyed! I’ve certainly been busy over the last few days, which is why this is coming out late. I met my best friend for […]

Recent Buy


Well, I promised you all that while I quit my full-time job to focus on writing, I didn’t quit my pursuit of financial independence. And to that end, I have remained committed to investing in high-quality companies that regularly and reliably pay and raise dividends. Of course, my capital is more constrained than before, but I’m […]

Saving More Is More Effective Than Earning More


There’s a lot of ongoing discussions/arguments and rules of thumb in personal finance across a wide variety of finance subjects like investing, saving, and taxes as far as what’s best. And I probably go against the grain in regards to a lot of them. For instance, I invest solely in a taxable account, with no tax-advantaged retirement […]

Recent Buy


Well, opportunities remain a bit limited right now, but vigilance is a character trait of mine. I remain committed to growing my dividend income on a regular basis, and a major contributing factor is obviously the fresh capital I regularly put to work in the most attractive opportunities I can find. This most recent purchase […]

A 0% Allocation to Fixed Income?


I currently have 0% of my personal wealth allocated to fixed income, and I really don’t think that’s much of a bold call. Meanwhile, I have almost 100% (I keep some cash on the side for emergencies) of my worldly wealth allocated to equity in high-quality businesses, specifically via common stock. And the stocks I invest […]

Income/Expenses For June 2014


I’ve been tracking my income and expenses online since I initiated this blog back in early 2011. I do this for a few reasons. First, I want to prove to the world that it’s possible to become financially independent at a relatively young age even if you don’t make a lot of money. I don’t […]

Celebrate Independence Day With Independence


What a great country we live in! Being born in the United States of America any time in the last 50 years or so puts you in a wonderful position – one where you have definitely won the ovarian lottery. I’ve discussed before why simply being born in a first world country in modern times […]