The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast: Episodes 1-3

This is a first! My fellow blogging buddy and good friend Kraig over at Young Cheap Living and I have started a podcast titled: The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast. What you’ll see represented below is Episodes 1-3!

We’re pretty excited about this. This podcast is basically a new way of delivering content to you readers. It allows us to talk a little about topics that are exciting to us and have a lot of relevance to themes like financial independence, investing, entrepreneurship, living below your means, avoiding debt, seeking passion in life and maximizing happiness. It’s basically about living a better life. The podcast allows you readers to hear our voices as well as the tone and inflections therein, and as such hopefully you’ll feel the general enthusiasm we share in regards to our respective journeys towards financial freedom.

What we are hoping for is success. We’re hoping that you readers enjoy this new format. Dividend Mantra is still going to remain the same otherwise with my usual articles, but this will be extra content above and beyond what I usually provide. What we’re also hoping for is feedback. If you guys love it, please let us know. On the flip side of the token, if you guys don’t like it please be honest and let us know as well. These take a lot of time to produce, a lot more time than a traditional written article. It’s a lot harder than writing, and much harder than it seems at first glance. And that’s probably because we’re both so new to this. But, if there is value and enjoyment for you readers we’re both happy to spend that time producing these. If podcasts aren’t your thing, and if this one in particular isn’t very good, please do share that. We both want to spend our time on projects that are passionate to us, but just as importantly that provide a lot of value to you readers.

I’m going to include Episodes 1, 2 and 3 below. But you can also visit our iTunes page and get the podcasts there as well so you can listen on a device while you go about your day. Kraig and I are hopeful we can release one of these at least every two weeks, or perhaps more if they turn out to be popular. What you’ll hear in these podcasts is two young, enthusiastic guys sharing ideas and experiences with each other and you, the audience, about our unique paths to financial freedom. Kraig quit his full-time job to pursue freedom via projects that he can create and keep for life. I’m pursuing freedom via investing in high quality companies that pay dividends in the hope I can one day live off of these dividends. We both share a passion for living below our means and using capital wisely.

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*Episode 1 starts off with Kraig and I introducing ourselves and sharing a little background as to where we have started from and where we are at now. We talk a little bit about mistakes, and how we’ve learned from those mistakes to enrich our lives and jump on the path to financial freedom.

The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast: Episode 1 can be found below. Just click play!

*Episode 2 finds myself talking a little about some investments I’ve been interested in lately and why I’ve been committing some of my hard-earned capital there. Kraig discusses some of the projects he’s working on and why he’s so excited.

The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast: Episode 2 can be found below. Just click play!

*Episode 3 features a couple of great topics. I further some of the discussion about my recent post on why I don’t invest in tax-advantaged accounts. Again, while I recommend tax-advantaged accounts (like a 401(k), IRA or Roth IRA), I simply don’t use them myself for a number of reasons. Kraig tells us why jobs suck. I’m inclined to agree with that statement!

The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast: Episode 3 can be found below. Just click play!

Please provide feedback either here or at iTunes. We’re looking to know if you readers enjoy this format. Is it any good? Please be honest. We love to bring great content to you readers, and we love to share our passion and respective journeys. And if you love it, please subscribe so we can reach an even larger audience!

Thanks for reading.


    • says

      Investing Early,

      Yeah, an eye-catching title for sure!

      And jobs don’t just suck for the reasons most people would think right off the top of their head – long hours, commutes or feeling under-appreciated and over-worked. But for many other reasons, like not owning what you create, tax reasons, lack of diversification and such.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Best wishes.

  1. says

    Before I listen to these. A guy named Airelontrading on youtube does podcast from time to time besides videos. He made video podcasts and regular podcasts. A video podcast would allow you to show graphs or charts or something along those lines if you wanted to. You basically don’t show your face or having a moving picture these “video” podcasts.

    • says


      We’ll have to consider that. I appreciate the idea!

      The only thing with adding things like pictures or videos is that it makes them more difficult and time consuming to produce and edit. Definitely something to consider though!

      Take care!

    • says


      Thanks for the support. Glad you enjoy the blog. :)

      I appreciate the feedback. That’s exactly what we’re looking for! We knew this wouldn’t be for everyone, but even with the podcast I’ll still continue to produce the same content you’re used to seeing.

      Thanks again!

      Best regards.

  2. says

    I loved it, guys. I loved how your personalities interplay, you are really engaging and entertaining. I look forward to hearing this take shape organically.

    Great job DM and Kraig!


    • says


      Glad you enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure how many would really enjoy it. It’s a lot more time consuming to both produce and consume a podcast. So it’s different on my end and yours. But if there is value there then Kraig and I are happy to continue it.

      Thanks for the support. :)

      Best wishes!

  3. Anonymous says

    Enjoy the podcasts. I had over $100K a year in dividend income in 2008 (age 35) by 2010 my dividends were cut by more than 60% and had to go back to work. I would not even dream of stopping working with only $18K in yearly dividend income. I would suggest a bigger buffer. Just because dividends get favorable tax treatment now, that can change at anytime.

    • says


      Sorry to hear about that. Your dividends were cut by 60%? I know that 60% of the companies that I invest in didn’t cut their dividends during that time frame, so I can only assume you were not as diversified as maybe you should have been. I’m going to likely end up with 50 or so companies in the portfolio, and hopefully keep the weightings as equal as reasonably possible. This way, if a couple companies cut dividends during hard times I won’t be facing catastrophic income loss. Also, dividend cuts typically don’t just happen overnight. They are typically due to deteriorating fundamentals within the company (See TEF or EXC for recent non-Great Recession examples).

      Although even if I were to be shocked by a dramatic loss of income, I could always go back to work. Which is the same exact spot I’m in right now (as well as where most people are).


  4. says

    Very important. You MUST PUT A DISCLAIMER in the actual podcast at the start of each podcast. It protects you from getting sued. Just like a blog, you need a disclaimer.

    If you do a search of ailerontrading of youtube and click on one of his video podcasts, he has a long disclaimer over a minute long. That is a good example.

  5. says

    These podcasts are great. Keep up the good work.

    You guys asked for suggestions to talk about. I’d like your take on how to deal with the people around you. Most people don’t understand the lifestyle of living frugally, aggressively investing and building up passive income streams early in life to become financially independent.

    Does your spouse support you all the way, or is there some reluctance? Do you guys talk about investing in every day life to coworkers and people around you? Do they understand what your doing? When you meet new people at a party or a wedding for instance, do you shift conversations towards investing and saving?

    For me, I just tend to avoid talking about stock investing all together to people who don’t fully grasp it. Most conversations end in the “What stock can double my money in the next month?” type questions or “The stock market is a casino”. If I wanna talk about investing, I put on my computer and surf blogs.

    If you could do a podcast on this subject, that would be really great. I don’t come across many articles on this subject.

    Take care.

    • says

      Exponential Dividends,

      Great! I love the idea. I may even write a post on this as well, as writing allows me to really gather and harness my thoughts a little better. I probably should have addressed this a while ago.

      Thanks for bringing this up! I love getting great topics like this that I hadn’t thought of before. :)

      I’ll put something together soon.

      Best wishes!

  6. Anonymous says

    Dear DM,

    Love your blog, but I can’t be bothered with podcasts. Everyone I’ve ever tried is way too time consuming for what is imparted. Talking is faster than writing which may be what appeals to writers giving podcasts. But listening is slower than reading which is why podcasts almost always fail.

    There’s an old saying by some great writer to the effect that “if the writer doesn’t sweat the reader will.” Problem with podcasts is that there’s not enough sweat in the construction of their intellectual content to justify the listener’s time. Writing is intellectually far more challenging an activity.

    If you want to enliven the blog with video and audio, I suggest including clips, say interviews of Warren Buffett or some historical event on Wall Street or some contemporary news story that illustrate some point relevant to your pursuit (as well as us readers’ pursuit) of freedom, financial and otherwise.

    In other words, if you want to diversify into other media forms do it without diverting yourself. Use media in a supportive rather than a distracting way, so that you continue to take advantage of the fact that you’re a terrific writer.

    • says


      First, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate where you’re coming from and I’m immensely grateful for the readership here. I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

      This kind of feedback is really important. If there isn’t a lot of support for the podcasts then there won’t be much of a point taking the time to produce them. I guess we’ll see how they turn out. I think, so far, the feedback has been mixed. Some yeahs and some nays.

      Thanks again for the thoughtful comment.

      Take care!

  7. says

    Kraig @ young cheap living was one of the first blogs I started reading. He’s one of the ones that made me realize my lifestyle was unsustainable. Looking forward to the podcasts and more great content from you both!

    • says

      The Lazy Financier,

      I’m glad Kraig has inspired you to seek a more sustainable and rewarding life. That’s really great to hear! Kraig’s a great guy.

      I hope you enjoy the podcasts and we’re looking forward to producing plenty more if the support is there. :)

      Best wishes.

    • says

      Captain Dividend,

      That would be cool if you could listen while at work! They block most of my internet activities at my job. :(

      Let us know what you think when you get a chance to listen in.

      Take care!

  8. says

    DM, what would you advice?

    I have 30.000 euro in student load debt, the interest i pay on it the next 5 years is 1,5%. Kraig adviced people to pay of debt as soon as you can, but i feel like i can allocate my money better than that by investing in good companies and im thinking about just paying my monthly fee and maybe after five years if the interest rises to 4 or 5% im gonna pay it of immediately. What do you think?

    • says


      Well I’ll relate your situation to my own.

      I currently have a bit under $20k in student loan debt at an interest rate of ~3%. I pay only the minimum on it because I feel confident that I can earn a greater return on my capital if I invest it. Plus, here in the U.S. student loan debt interest expenses are tax-deductible. So that tips the odds even further in my favor.

      I hope that helps!

      Best wishes.

  9. says

    DM: I listened to the three podcast episodes and I think you and Kraig had some interesting discussions. However, I am not a podcast person; I prefer to read articles and blog posts, which I can do more quickly than listening to podcasts. In particular, I like reading your blog because you do a great job of expressing yourself in writing. That said, I know some other folks do like podcasts, so this might represent a way of expanding your audience.

    • says


      Thanks a ton. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to them!

      I hear you on the time constraints. I also prefer to generally read articles over listening to a podcast. To be honest, I’m not much of a podcast person but Kraig thought it would be cool to try something new and I was inclined to agree. I actually would prefer video to podcasts, but video is a lot more difficult to produce and edit and I’m already at my limit in terms of how much time I can dedicate to blog related activities.

      I appreciate the feedback! This is exactly what we were looking for. :)

      Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.

      Best regards.

  10. Anonymous says

    Great deput in podcasts! This is a nice addition to your blogging. I’ll certainly keep listening should you decide to make more.

    • says


      Thanks! Glad you like the addition. It’s just another method in which to deliver content. It’s really all about providing value and content for us. I’m here to inspire through action, and the podcast is another way to spread the message.


  11. Spoonman says

    I am super excited! If it wasn’t for my fantasy football draft today, I would binge-listen to all three episodes right this second!

    Thank you guys so much for putting the podcast together. I think it will definitely complement your blogs very nicely.

    I will give you some feedback soon. Cheers!!!

    • says


      Gotta love fantasy football! I haven’t played in a few years. The last year I was in a league I actually won like $100. I guess I’ll just retire a winner and go out on top! :)

      Can’t wait to hear the feedback. You and I share many common goals and the path we take is very similar. Looking forward to seeing what you think (good or bad).

      Take care!

    • Spoonman says

      I just finished listening to all three episodes. My first impression: it hits the spot!

      In terms of structure or formatting, I don’t really have any specific suggestions. What I can do, however, is maybe give you guys some topics that you can talk about in future episodes. Here is a list of things that come to mind right now:

      * Talk about coping with the difficulty of pursuing something that other people may find strange. What do your significant others (girlfriends, especially) think of your journey? I think a good number of us are pursuing FI “on the quiet” because other people might find it strange.

      * Talk about how you managed to find the sweetspot of frugality. What were some of the challenges along the way? Does it feel like a sacrifice (that’s a common misconception about frugality)?

      * Talk about the different flavors of financial freedom. There are those that lean toward homesteading and others that lean toward a more nomadic life. Where do you guys see yourselves on that spectrum?

      If I think of other topics I’ll let you guys know right away. Thanks again for putting together such an awesome podcast!

    • says


      Thanks for listening! I know that took some time. Those things are over an hour of material. I appreciate that!

      I appreciate the topics. Discussing coping with being a potential outcast is something that was mentioned above. I’ll have to put something together on that, because it definitely applies to me. I can’t tell you weird it was at first to show up to work on a scooter. Also, I still get weird looks when people watch me walk over to the bus stop. I don’t know if I’ll cover this in the podcast or not. I may end up writing a post on that.

      Nomadic vs. homesteading life is something really interesting because I actually have an internal battle inside of my own mind on that all the time. Now, by homesteading I don’t mean living off the grid or anything. Rather, I mean simply living more of a homebody life. I quite enjoy being home and having some of the comforts of living in a familiar space. On the other hand, I think of how exciting it would be to travel the world. Live in Thailand for a year. Then maybe try out Cambodia or something. Prague seems beautiful and not overtly expensive. There’s also Mexico and Costa Rica. Ecuador is also really popular. A year in each place! Of course, then I think about visa issues, being so far from home and family and never feeling at ease like I would being at home. Interesting dynamic!

      Thanks for sharing the feedback. It’s greatly, greatly appreciated.

      Best wishes!

    • says


      Thanks! I really appreciate that. I always try to radiate optimism and positivity because I feel that a “can-do” attitude is important if you’re seeking to achieve something as difficult as early retirement/FI.

      Best regards!

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi DM,

    Nice podcast, i felt like i’ve almost did the talking myself. Since you 2 put words on the exact feeling i have a bout the joblife. I have a pretty normal/well paid job today i can save pretty much on the sideline, so im on the journey! Im out of any debt. So i think im in need a further 3-4 years of work. After that im hopefully free. Will need to life on small money, but that is totally fine since i dont catch the materialised living. I want my time back!

    The “thing” that i find pretty tough sometimes and have to deal with from time is “how do i manage mentally those remaining years”?, since i always have this feeling about the job, that i do so much boring stupid admin stuff i really hate and the shit from the top keep on dripping onto my umbrella too all the time :).

    Specially hard after coming back from vacation period..So the motovation is pretty tough i would say even if it is only couple of years left. I’m not intending to swift job since i do like my collegeues and so. And change with this limit time left i think is hazardous without knowing what i could get instead.

    To survive i always need to think about the days to come.Your blog is also a big inspiration to keep on going!

    Take Care


    • says


      Glad you enjoyed the podcast! I see the feedback here has been mixed, but I’m really happy that a select audience finds some value in it.

      I know it’s tough to look at a long road ahead. I’ve already come so far, yet I still have 8-9 years to go. And that’s a really long time. What I tend to focus on is the month at hand. I concentrate on my budget and making sure my expenditures are controlled. Then I think about payday, specifically my big commission check I get once a month. And I think about what kind of equities I can buy with that check. So then I stay pretty busy researching companies, looking at my portfolio, what fits, what’s attractively valued and maybe writing an article or two on what I might buy. So, that brings me to blogging. This blog is a wonderful outlet, and the fact that there is such a fantastic and supportive audience makes it even better. I also do a lot of research on topics that excite me – like countries that are cheap to live in so that if I want to travel I can do so cheaply, philosophy, philanthropy. I also try to fit in as much time as I can with the people I care about.

      And you know what I realize when I focus on the journey one month at a time? I realize that everything I do to keep my mind occupied – blogging, managing my portfolio, researching equities, focusing on my budget and expenditures, spending time with loved ones, reading about interesting topics and the like – these are all the things I’ll be doing once I’m financially independent.

      So I think the best thing you can do is to focus on what you’ll be doing when you have all of your time to yourself. Get really good at these things and that way when you are able to spend more time on them the transition to FI will be quite easy. You’ll simply shift to working less and spending more time on the things you already enjoy more.

      I hope that helped a little. Best of luck.

      Take care!

  13. Anonymous says

    I’m not a huge fan of podcasts (I’m more of a reader), but these seem great. One HUGE comment though — for whatever reason, your podcasts autoplay on Chrome (maybe on other browsers too) when you click onto this page. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT! I’m not sure if it’s something you can fix on your end, but preventing “auto-play” would be nice….

    • says


      I appreciate the support. Podcasts aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure. I’m just glad that for the readers that aren’t into them (like yourself), the support has been incredible.

      As far as autoplay goes, I typically use Firefox for my browser. Now I do have Chrome on my computer, but very rarely use it. I just now loaded my site on Chrome and clicked on the CFF post and the three episodes loaded but did not play by themselves. I can only assume that is a setting that can be turned on and off in Chrome, because both my Firefox and Chrome do not automatically play the episodes.

      Best regards.

  14. says

    Congratulations on the podcast, Jason! I really enjoyed the first three episodes so I’m glad to see you guys decided to go for it.

    The fact that you are both pursuing the same goal but by very different means should make for really interesting listening!

    • says

      Mad Fientist,

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by. :)

      We appreciate the support very much. Thanks also for helping us out with the ideas, setting up and the iTunes rating.

      I agree with you that the differences in our approaches (entrepreneurship vs. living off growing dividend) should make for an interesting dynamic.

      I wish you the best as you close in on financial independence. You’re a lot closer than I am! Enjoy it. :)

      Best wishes.

  15. Hipskind says

    Hi Jason,
    Really enjoyed you guys discussing your plans. The back and forth gives a new dimension but agree that it takes longer to digest the content. Maybe the discussion is in chat format? Maybe you have a certain time every week that all your readers come together to have a discussion? That might be the next level of value?

    My 2 cents.

    • says


      I’ve never considered a chat like that where there is a set time every week. It’s something I’ll have to take under consideration. I think what may eventually evolve out of the blog is some type of forum board. I’d love to have something like that, but that takes a lot of time to manage and administer. That might have to wait until I’m closer to FI or when this blog is earning enough income to where I can move from full-time to part-time work.

      Thanks for mentioning that. I love new ideas!

      Take care.

  16. Anonymous says

    Do you have an RSS feed url we can use for cell phone apps instead of itunes to play the podcasts? I have a podcast app for my BB Z10, but I can’t figure out a URL that allows me to subscribe to your podcast. I’d rather not need to install Itunes bloatware software to be able to subscribe and be a regular listener to your efforts that we can all benefit from. :)

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