Dividend Growth Investing And The Joy Of Doing Nothing


“You do things when the opportunities come along. I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve had a bundle of ideals come along, and I’ve had long dry spells. If I get an idea next week, I’ll do something. If not, I won’t do a damn thing.”  “Investors should remember that excitement and expenses are […]

Equities: Unlimited Upside With Limited Downside


I’m a huge fan of investing in stocks, as you can probably tell by my almost 100% allocation to the asset class in my Freedom Fund. More specifically, I’m very enthusiastic about investing in ownership stakes with high quality companies that have a history of rewarding shareholders by paying out a portion of profits via […]

Meet Kraig From Young Cheap Living


A little while back, Kraig from Young Cheap Living reached out to me by email to say hi and strike up a conversation. It seemed that we have a lot in common – we both save over half of our net income, invest regularly in the stock market (he through index investing), we’re both young […]

Two Reasonably Appealing Stock Ideas


I recently wrote about the difficulties that us value/dividend investors face in allocating capital to equities right now. The S&P 500 is up 17% YTD and we’re only a little more than five months into the year. Are many companies worth 17% more now than they were five months ago? Were many stocks 17% cheaper […]

One Year Older, One Year Closer


I turned 31 over the past week! Yikes. I’m now closer to 40 than I am 20. Sigh… I’m getting older. But I’m also getting wiser, and as such I’m getting better in almost all facets of being a human being. I find that with age comes the wisdom and patience necessary to face many […]

Do You Have A Dream?


What do you want out of life? Have you ever really sat down and thought about this? I have. And I do, often. Life, in my eyes, is so precious. You only get one try and it’s important to get it right. Do you have a dream? What is it? Are you doing everything you […]

Current Difficulties In Allocating Capital


S&P 500 6-month chart What is a value investor to do right now?  The S&P 500 is up 14.55% so far in 2013. 14.55%! And we’re not even five months into the year yet. Crazy, right? Not really. We’re currently in a low interest rate environment as The Federal Reserve continues to keep interest rates […]

Income/Expenses For April 2013


Each month I will post my income/expenses for the previous month. I track every dollar in and out, so what you see is exactly what I earned and spent (rounded to the nearest dollar). Income from April 2013: $5,067–Regular Paycheck$233–Dividend Income$245–Online Income/Bonus Total Income: $5,545 Expenses from April 2013: $486–Rent$208–Health $189–Student Loans$174–Restaurants$138–Groceries$53–Internet$43–Public Transportation$40–Mobile Phone$35–Pharmacy$30–Gym $13–Fast […]

I Just Bought A Time Machine


Not this time machine! I just purchased a time machine. It’s not my first, but is my nicest. Hopefully I’ll keep this one for a while! According to this source, the average driver here in the U.S. spends $9,641 (and that’s using $2.25 per gallon fuel figures) per year for the privilege of driving a […]

Dividend Income Update – April 2013


Another month has passed by, and it’s time for me to post an article on my favorite subject: dividend income. The reason why I love to post articles on dividend income is because it’s pure numbers. It’s hard to argue the success of long-term dividend growth investing when you can slowly and surely see dividend […]