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The market hasn’t been as cooperative as I would have liked over the past month. I would have enjoyed a 500 or 1,000 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to bring some of the share prices in companies that I’m interested in down to earthly levels. But, alas, such was not to be. […]

Three Canadian Stocks On My Watchlist


I’m always looking for ways to improve and grow my Freedom Fund through international diversification when possible. Most of my portfolio is currently invested in major U.S. blue chip companies like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and PepsiCo, Inc (PEP). The great thing about these companies, however, is that they are multinational companies that operate on […]

Weekdend Reading – February 22, 2013


2013 has gotten off to a bang for us dividend growth investors. No, I’m not talking about the epic run the broad market has had so far, as that only makes quality companies more expensive to purchase and hence impedes my ability to purchase shares in great businesses at attractive prices. Rather, I’m talking about […]

The Big Three


This Is Ridiculous No, this article isn’t about the three major U.S. auto manufacturers or a trio of basketball players. This post is going to hone in and focus on the three major expenses that most of us face and why it’s so important to minimize these as much as possible. I’m also going to […]

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Hi. My name is Dividend Mantra. I have a problem. I’m addicted to dividends. Ha! I’m just kidding of course. But, if there were a “Dividend Addicts Anonymous” I would probably be a founding member. Who wants to join me? I had planned on refraining from purchasing any more equities until next month, choosing instead […]

Recent Dividend Increases


As a dividend growth investor, one of the primary objectives I seek is passive dividend income from my investments that increases over the rate of inflation, annually. It’s always wonderful news when companies decide to reward loyal long-term shareholders with a dividend raise. Some recent dividend increases include: Lorillard Inc. (LO) recently raised its quarterly […]

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed back over the 14,000 point mark today, a level it’s been hovering just under or just over for the last couple of weeks. It’s no secret the stock market has been like a rocket ship since the beginning of the year. As such, us value investors that focus on […]

Income/Expenses For January 2013


Each month I will post my income/expenses for the previous month. I track every dollar in and out, so what you see is exactly what I earned and spent (rounded to the nearest dollar). Income from January 2013: $4,155–Regular Paycheck$157–Dividends$592–Bonus and Spiffs Total Income: $4,905 Expenses from January 2013: $492–Rent$189–Student Loans$120–Groceries$93–Fast Food and Pizza$30–Restaurants$53–Internet$61–Public Transportation$55–Pharmacy$40–Mobile […]

Recent Buy


I haven’t seen too many attractive opportunities available lately. Many of the dividend growth stocks I follow (somewhere around 100) have had quite a run-up with the general market over the last six months, and as such it’s priced me a bit out of equities right now. I continue to keep an eye on my […]

Who Are You?


No, this isn’t a WHO song. This is your life.  You ever go to a party and introduce yourself? Usually you say hi and make small chitchat, but shortly thereafter the conversation usually tends to gravitate towards work. “What do you do for a living?” How common is this question? I’d say pretty damn common. […]