Recent Buy


Some things never change. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is flirting with 14,000 points, and with my work being so crazy and unpredictable now would be a good time to take a break from buying stocks. I’ve talked about my plan of increasing my cash position over the first few months to counteract any potential […]

Recent Sale


This is a tough article to write. I don’t like to sell stocks too often. I look at each stock in my portfolio as valuable branches to my dividend growth tree, ultimately providing me bountiful dividends with which to pay my expenses. Every time I cut a branch from my tree, my tree produces less […]

Dividend Growth Investing In A Bull Market


DJIA 3-month chart DOW 14,000? The thought of that in the throws of the recession just a few years ago would have been impossible to imagine. Yet here we are knocking on the door. The stock market has been on a tear over the last couple years. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has already more […]

Reconsidering Abbott Labs (ABT) And AbbVie (ABBV)


Abbott Laboratories: A company I loved At the beginning of this year, Abbott Laboratories (ABT) completed the spin-off of its branded pharmaceutical business. This business is now a separate publicly traded company, calling itself AbbVie Inc. (ABBV). I have long been a fan of Abbott Laboratories as a diversified health care company with operations in […]

I’m Dying And So Are You


If your life were a movie, would you want to watch it? I’m dying. No I don’t have cancer and I’m not starving to death. But life, inevitably, is mortal. Every day that passes by is one less day that I have left on this earth. And the same is true for you. What are […]

My Goals For 2013


I’m a big fan of having goals. Goals give you something to shoot for; they’re a target so that you can track your progress. Putting goals down on paper, and then showing them to the world does a couple things. First, by actually typing these goals up I realize them in a physical form. If […]

2012 Goals Reviewed


2013 is well on its way already, but it’s not too late for me to look back on 2012 with fond memories. It was a fantastic year for me overall, and one that I’d love to repeat again in 2013 if I could. But, of course, it’s always prudent to shoot for even bigger successes […]

Income/Expenses For December 2012


Each month I will post my income/expenses for the previous month. I track every dollar in and out, so what you see is exactly what I earned and spent (rounded to the nearest dollar). Income from December 2012: $4,528–Regular Paycheck$452–Dividends$235–Bonus and Spiffs Total Income: $5,216 Expenses from December 2012: $494–Rent$189–Student Loans$88–Restaurants$83–Groceries$118–Fast Food$19–Fuel$53–Internet$35–Pharmacy$28–Public Transportation$40–Mobile Phone$30–Gym$9–Everything Else* […]

Dividend Income Update – December 2012


Another month has passed by, and it’s time for me to post an article on my favorite subject: dividend income. The reason why I love to post articles on dividend income is because it’s pure numbers. It’s hard to argue the success of long-term dividend growth investing when you can slowly and surely see dividend […]

Freedom Fund Update – January 2013


Well, the time has come to update the Freedom Fund once again as we start another month. The Freedom Fund is my portfolio, and I think it’s aptly named. My portfolio is my way to freedom; freedom from working at a job I don’t enjoy to purchase goods I don’t need to impress neighbors I […]