Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just wanted to drop a note to all my readers out there. Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is getting the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, as that’s what I’m most thankful for. Of course, the journey to early retirement, being employed, living in 21st century America and good health are all also things I’m very thankful for as well.

I’m also very thankful to all my readers. Thank you for continuing to follow my journey and support Dividend Mantra!

I look forward to being able to gobble till’ I wobble tonight, as well as fitting in some football.

May you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading.

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    Happy Thanksgiving. Unfortunately this time of the year is slightly depressing for me. This is the third holiday season in the past four years I’ve been stationed overseas. Celebrating Thanksgiving in Korea isn’t the same. Even though I had an epic meal last night with great people, there was no football! Watching the Lions lose is a family tradition I miss. haha!

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      Compounding Income,

      As a fellow Michigander, I hear you on the annual tradition of watching the Lions lose. I think they’ve lost the last 10 Thanksgiving games or something like that. Good stuff!

      Yeah, I can imagine it’s not the same being stationed overseas. We appreciate your service, and hope you’re able to come home soon and spend the holidays with your family.

      Best wishes!

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      Investing Early,

      I’m grateful for readers like you who continue to stop by and support the site. It’s nothing without you guys.

      I’m also grateful for those rising dividends. They do give me great pleasure!

      Best wishes.

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