I’ve Turned 30!

This past week I turned 30 years old! I’m already three decades old and probably have lived more than a third of my lifetime, yet I still feel young. Amazing how fast time flies by. It was an amazing birthday, and my best ever. On Friday night my girlfriend took me out for dinner and surprised me with some of my family members there at the restaurant waiting. It definitely shocked me, because I don’t see my family as often as I would like. I moved to Florida from Michigan back in 2009 to get a little more sunshine in my life and, unfortunately, am the only member of my family currently living in Florida. They don’t know what they’re missing, but on the other hand I definitely miss them.

As I turn over the third decade of my life I can look back and say how proud I am to have started the journey I’m on. I’m much further along than I would have thought I would be and I appreciate all the support all my readers provide. I’m glad that I have inspired so many of you out there, and by stopping by and commenting or starting your own blogs you give me the mutual source of inspiration that keeps the fire alive.

Thank you to everyone out there and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It’s weekends like this, and milestones like a 30th birthday, that remind me what life is all about and why I’m trying so hard to have more time in my life.

Thanks for reading.

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      Financial analysis,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and offering your support. I hope that in 10 years I’ll be able to look back and smile once I reach my goal.

      Stick with the plan and I’m sure you’ll get everything you’re hoping for as well!

      Take care.

  1. Dividend Dude says

    Happy Birthday, DM! Your blog is one of my favorites. Your simple and no-nonsense approach to frugal living, dividend investing and financial independence is an inspiration. I’m 23 years old and I’m getting on this track young. I hope to reach financial independence within 10 years.

    Keep at it, make sure you enjoy the journey and stay young!

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      Dividend Dude,

      Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoy the blog. I try to be as transparent as possible and I’m glad you appreciate that.

      You’re only 23? That’s great. You’re starting out extremely young, and time is your best friend at this point. If you can become financially independent in 10 years, at 33, you’ll have done things that people write books about and get interviewed on CNBC about. Good luck to you.

      Best wishes!

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      Big J,

      Thanks for the congratulations and I can only wish the same! We’re both a Taurus. I guess that means we’re bullheaded and go after what we want…which explains our journey a bit.

      Congrats on your birthday and I hope you’re enjoying it.

      Take care!

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    Happy birthday !!

    I am 2 years behind you on the age … hope to catch up with you by the time I am 30.

    Good luck and keep writing.

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      You’re 28 and that’s where I was when I decided to start the journey towards financial independence. Time is definitely on our side while we’re still young. Stick to your plan and keep imagining where you’ll be in a short period of time. Time flies by, as I mentioned above, and you want to be on the other side of it much better than you were when you started.

      Live like no one else will now, so you can live like no one else can later.

      Best wishes.

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    Congrats. I turned 30 5 years ago. Looking back to that time I was single, living with my dad and had not given retirement a single thought. Now I’m married, own a home and moved 6000 miles to a different country! And I have my retirement journey mapped out – just hope I get there!

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      Investment Road to Freedom,

      It sounds like you’ve done an amazing job turning things around in 5 years and you’re light years away from where you were. You have your own little family, a home of your own and a road map to financial success. Congrats to you!

      Best wishes.

  4. says

    Hey Mantra! Big congrats!! :) I’m very happy for you, ha ha I’m not surprised you are a Taurus. I remember turning 30 and still feeling young, but life really begins at 40. Wait until your 40th man!

    What really impresses me is that by 30 you already have a nice sizeable dividend portfolio and are on the road to wealth. Most people when they are your age are accumulating debt, spending, and not even thinking of investing. Imagine where you will be by time you are my age, a millionaire no doubt!

    Keep up the good work 😉

    The Dividend Ninja

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      Thanks for the warm congrats and I appreciate your support!

      I’m doing okay at 30, but I can only imagine how far I’d be today had I started earlier. At any rate, I’m extremely thankful I started when I did and that I’m now on a road with a bright future ahead.

      You’re doing great on your end. Keep up the good work yourself!!

      Best wishes!

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    Happy Birthday there, old timer!

    Great present your wife gave you. Maybe some of your family members will decide to join you in FL. If not, the further into FI you get the easier it will be for you to run up to MI for visits whenever the spirit moves you.


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      Haha! I am getting old!

      Yes, my girlfriend is extremely sweet. I’m very lucky.

      You make an excellent point there. That’s one of my primary reasons for doing all of this. I’d love to be able to spend more time up there and see family, while still being happy in the Sunshine State.

      Stay in touch!

      Take care.

  6. says

    Happy birthday!

    I’m originally from MI too, can’t say I miss it. They do have awesome weather in the summer though. It’s mother’s day, don’t forget to call your mom.

    Take it easy

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      Compounding Income,

      Thanks! I appreciate it.

      I don’t miss MI the state, I only miss my family…and they just so happen to reside in Michigan. MI doesn’t offer much otherwise.

      My mom was actually here for the weekend, with my dad. It was nice that we got to spend my 30th and Mother’s Day together.

      What part of MI are you from?

      Take care.

  7. says

    Happy B-Day!

    You already got what is essencial in life. I can only wish you get more of the same: good health, strong relationships and money to support a comfortable lifestyle (you are on the way to the last one). Keep it and multiply it!

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      I totally agree with you. Good health, great relationships and enough money to fulfill your basic needs is all one really needs to have a well-lived life. I hope I continue to be blessed in these areas, and I hope you do as well.

      Stay in touch.

      Best wishes!

  8. says

    Happy Birthday! I am addicted to watching your dividend income increase. Michigan is a great state, I grew up in Port Huron and lived some time in Saginaw. Like you, I also ran for the south, haven’t made it to Florida yet. Cheers!

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      Thank you for supporting the blog. I’m glad you enjoy the dividend income increases. That’s what it’s all about! I definitely like comparing the dividend total from year to year to really see the progress.

      I’m familiar with Saginaw and spent a lot of time in Flint. Saginaw fell on some rough times a while back. It looks like you made a great move coming south. I hope it continues to work out for you.

      Best wishes.

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    Hey Mantra,

    Happy 30! (Or as a friend of mine likes to say, you’re 3-0, undefeated!) Keep on blogging, and I’ll continue to read and be inspired. Glad to hear you had a great birthday.

    Take care,

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      I like that. I’m 3-0! Undefeated, baby!

      I hope you continue to stick around and enjoy the blog. Mutual inspiration is what I’m all about here.

      Stay in touch.

      Take care!

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      I appreciate the well wishes.

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I’m glad you love reading it as much as I love posting.

      Hope all continues well for you.

      Take care!

  10. Anonymous says

    Happy Belated BDay DM !

    Keep inspiring us with your posts and may God bless you with all the happiness.


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      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the birthday wishes.

      I’m glad you find inspiration here. That’s the main purpose of the blog, along with documenting my progress.

      I hope you stay blessed with happiness and continual progress towards all of your goals.

      Best wishes.

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    Congrats on your 30th. You are well on your way to early retirement. My wife and I actually celebrated our 1 year anniversary on 05/12 so that’s a special day for me as well. I turn 33 this fall so I’ve got some catching up to do.

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      I’m glad that 5/12 is a special day for you as well! Congrats on your first anniversary together. I hope you two have many wonderful years together.

      33 is young. Time is definitely still on our side. May 2012 prove prosperous for you.

      Best wishes!

  12. says

    Happy 30th! I hope to be at least where you’re at towards FI by the time I reach 30. Still got another 1.5 years. But with the debt being done with now I’ll be sending at least $2500 a month to my brokerage account and depending on what Mr. Market wants to do the next few months pulling the trigger on some buys. Time to get my shopping list ready.

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      I hope you exceed where I’m currently at by your 30th birthday. Keep up your solid progress and I’m sure you’ll do just that. 1.5 years will go by fast so you just have to stick to your guns.

      Congratulations on becoming debt free. That frees up a lot of cash flow with which you can really start maximizing your investment potential. Great job!

      Take care!

  13. Anonymous says

    Happy birthday Mantra!
    I hope you had a great birthday and wish you all luck on your way toward financial freedom. You are a true inspire for me on my way to financial freedom.

    Keep up the good work and continue to inspire your readers!!

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      Thanks for the really kind words. I appreciate it immensely.

      I’m glad that I inspire you. It feels great to know that I inspire others to reach for their goals and improve their lives. That’s an amazing feeling.

      Keep it up and I hope you continue to reach all your goals.

      Best wishes.

  14. says

    Happy Birthday Mantra,

    Glad you had a revitalizing weekend with friends and family. Love reminds us all why we are really. Time, fun, righteousness, and passion with friends and family is all that matters. I love the blog, and it’s guiding me toward freeing my chains in ten years too!

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      Thanks for stopping by!

      I did have a wonderful and revitalizing weekend, thank you. It was a lot of fun and really inspired me to stay on track.

      I’m glad your on pace to free your chains in ten years as well. I’ll race you to the top!

      Best wishes.

  15. says

    I’m a little late to the party, but happy birthday! Keep up the great job, and who knows, by this same time next decade, you might just be celebrating your birthday AND early retirement!

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      FI Fighter,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I certainly hope you’re right. That would be amazing to finish this decade of my life with early retirement/financial independence to show for my effort.

      I hope things continue to go well for you as well. Looks like you’re off to a great start!

      Best wishes!

  16. says

    Belated Happy Birthday to you, Dividend Mantra. There is nothing like spending quality time with those closest to you and building memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

    I am a couple years older than you and I, too, am surprised at how fast the years have gone by. However, whether I live another 6 years or 60 years, I like to think about a quote by Abraham Lincoln. It goes, “…in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

    All the best and continued success on your journey!

    • says

      Dividend Fool,

      Thanks for the well wishes. You definitely are right on that…nothing quite like building memories with loved ones. I cherish my limited time with the people close to me and it’s one of the main factors driving me towards completing my goal.

      I like that quote. It’s definitely true. We’re all going to pass one day, but it matters most what you did with the great opportunity of life given to you.

      Best of luck on your journey as well and I’m anxiously following you along.

      Take care!

  17. Anonymous says

    Belated Happy B-day Mantra. I was wondering when you were turning the big 3-0.

    -Rock the Casbah

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