Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! As 2012 fast approaches, I thought I would give thanks to all of those that supported me over the last year and made Dividend Mantra such a success. I have two reasons for keeping up on this blog. First, I think it’s great to document my journey to financial independence/retirement early in […]

Dividend Income Update – December 2011


2011 is just about behind us, and with December’s dividends recorded, I have my first full year of dividends received and documented! I feel like a big first step has been taken on my journey toward financial independence. It feels great. It’s been a  year of ups and downs, and I’ve learned a lot along […]

Merry Christmas!


  I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas! I am spending the holiday in Michigan with family and I hope you and yours are all enjoying the little break from day-to-day life. I’ll be back at it this following week after I return home to Florida. Thank you to all who support Dividend […]

Guest Post At Mr. Money Mustache

Hey everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive a most warm invitation to guest post over at Mr. Money Mustache. For anyone not familiar with MMM, please check out a little bit about him here. MMM is a champion of the frugal living/early retirement/financial independence scene and retired at…drumroll, please…30 years old! It’s wonderful to […]

Time: A Dividend Growth Investor’s Greatest Ally


This article originally appeared on The Div-Net on December 22, 2011. As a young (29, and counting) dividend growth investor, my primary ally is time. Time affords me the ability to commit investing errors, allows me flexibility and freedom in my general investment thesis and allows me the ability to compound my investment capital and […]

Free Your Chains


As any regular readers know, this blog is mainly focused on dividend growth investing but is not solely about such. I also like to delve into frugality, retiring early, the philosophy on consumption, budgeting and so on. Today, I’d like to talk a little about the chains of consumption. I read Plato’s Allegory of the […]

Weekend Reading – December, 17, 2011


This will likely be my last weekly roundup before Christmas. I’m flying up to Michigan to see my entire family next Friday December, 23. I’m very much looking forward to it. While I’m up there, however, I may be limited in my ability to post articles. I may write a few articles before I go […]

What Is An Economic Moat?


This article originally appeared on The Div-Net on December 7, 2011 We as investors routinely refer the term “economic moat” when describing strengths of a business. What exactly is an economic moat and why does it matter? This is an important term to fully understand and incorporate into your investment research. In a nutshell, an […]

Recent Buy


Well, volatility continues to rule the market. One day, the euro zone is saved…the next day the collapse of the financial system as we know it is imminent. I don’t really pay too much attention to headlines. You know why? Dividends! No matter what the talking heads say, the companies that I invest in continue […]

Recent Sale


I don’t write articles like this very often, because as a long-term dividend growth investor I don’t sell stocks very often. But, I did recently close out a position of mine that I had been holding for most of the year. I did this not because of a reduction in share price, creating a loss […]