What Are You Buying?


This is the third time I’m posting an article where I ask readers what their near-term purchases might be. I’m keen on making sure this blog is an interactive experience. I really enjoy sharing ideas with you readers out there as mutually learning from one another is one of the main purposes I commit myself […]

My $100 Phone Call


I’m going to write a quick article today about a phone call I made to Bank of America recently. As any reader knows, I’m extremely frugal and I look to maximize my money saving ability whenever possible. One avenue I use is credit card reward programs. I don’t spend a lot of money, but if […]

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Is Splitting


Although this is probably news to few readers, Abbott Laboratories (ABT) has surprisingly announced plans to split into two separate companies. The first company, which will retain the Abbott Laboratories name, will keep the businesses in nutritional formula, medical products and generic drugs among other businesses. The second company, yet to be named, will focus […]



I’ve heard stories before of people who have retired, and soon after retiring they experienced some type of misfortune that resulted in their death. I remember working with a guy a few years ago who told me a story about his grandfather who died of a heart attack a few months after retiring. These have […]

Weekend Reading – October 22, 2011


It’s another beautiful weekend down here in southwest Florida. I’m blessed to live in paradise. I’m even more blessed to be part of a wonderful blogging community that features so many intelligent investors and people who think “outside the box”. It’s through the sharing of ideas that we all become better people. It’s because of […]

Two Industrials Catching My Eye


This article originally appeared on The Div-Net on October 13, 2011. I’m a huge believer in investing in dividend growth stocks. In fact, I’m such a huge believer that I’m going to be investing the majority of my net income into such stocks every single month for the next 11 years. If I wasn’t confident […]

Recent Buy


Well, by the title of this post you can probably tell what I’m going to talk (write) about today. The markets continue to sway back and forth and the volatility is just as high as ever. That still matters little to me, as my long-term plan is to continue to buy dividend growth stocks month […]

My Thoughts On An Emergency Fund


  An emergency fund can be a vital part of your overall economic and personal finance plan. While I don’t believe in having a large part of your net worth in cash that sits in a bank account, an unforeseen accident or emergency can produce an immediate need for instantaneous cash. During times of distress […]

Weekend Reading – October, 15, 2011


Another week is through, and the weekend has found it’s way into my life. The market has been very kind to me, as the S&P 500 up almost 6% over the past five days. I don’t particularly enjoy big market rebounds, as it simply makes the equities I’m interested in purchasing more expensive. However, it […]

Consumer Stocks: Safety In A Volatile Market


This article originally appeared on  The Div-Net on October 6, 2011 As an investor, my primary objective is to preserve capital and then grow it. One of the best ways to preserve capital is to invest in defensive stocks that have less overall volatility than the general markets. These stocks usually aren’t your fast growth […]