Retiring Overseas


Boracay, Philippines Have you ever thought of retiring overseas? This thought may have crossed your mind for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you are looking for adventure? It would certainly be very adventurous to take up residence in another country you might be mostly unfamiliar with. That could be pretty exciting. The reason this […]

Frugal Fatigue?


After spending more than a year tenaciously watching my spending, saving more than half my net income and trying to maximize every investment dollar, it’s easy to get a little fatigued. I’m only human and after time it does get a little tiring to watch every dollar that comes in and out and constantly plan […]

Why I Average Down

I believe fully in averaging down on my positions. If a position I’ve committed money to loses value, but the fundamentals remain the same, then this presents a long-term investor such as myself an opportunity to lower my overall cost basis on that position. Per Investopedia, the definition of averaging down is: “The process of […]

Moving Day


Boxes galore, and my bike to the right No, my website isn’t going anywhere. I plan on staying here, at home, for a long time. I am, however, moving this Saturday, August 27 into a smaller apartment. I have decided that this is necessary for a few different reasons. I currently live in a three-bedroom […]

7 Links Project


Well, I’ve been nominated for the 7 Links Project by my fellow blogger Dividend Ninja. I appreciate it, Ninja! The goal of the project is for every blogger participating to pick out seven of their previous articles based on the seven questions provided and then pass the torch by nominating five other bloggers to follow […]

Weekend Reading – August 21, 2011


The market had another rough week and I personally can’t wait to receive fresh capital. There are some dynamite dividend stocks out there trading for pretty decent discounts. I should have funds within the next couple weeks with which to participate in this crazy market. I don’t know where the market is heading, but it […]

5 Stocks On Sale

This article originally appeared on The Div-Net July 11, 2011. With the drop in the market being the talk of the town, it’s not terribly difficult to find value. I could probably put a list of 30 or more stocks that I find particular value in, but I think ultimately you want to stick to […]

Income/Expenses For July 2011


Each month I will post my income/expenses for the previous month. I track every dollar in and out, so what you see is exactly what I earned and spent (rounded to the nearest dollar). Income from July 2011: $2,235–Regular Paycheck$59–Dividends$140–Bonus and Spiffs Total Income: $2,434 Expenses from July 2011: $637–Rent$160–Student Loans$104–Groceries$53–Restaurants$36–Fast Food and Pizza$36–Pharmacy$40–Mobile Phone$37–Internet$30–Public […]

Dividend Income Update – July 2011


July is now behind me, and the month wasn’t as kind to me as June was in terms of dividends…but that’s ok. June was abnormally large due to a large part of my portfolio all paying out at once. I’m a patient investor and I have a steady hand. I’m ready to do whatever it […]

Weekend Reading – August 14, 2011

Another weekend is here, and it’s another beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Florida. Mr. Market has been very moody lately, and it seems that even a whisper of good or bad news seems to send him flying. These kinds of mood swings can provide ample anxiety for some investors, but for me it provides an […]