Freedom Fund Update – July 2011

Well, the time has come to update the Freedom Fund once again as we start another month. The Freedom Fund is my portfolio, and I think it’s aptly named. My portfolio is my way to freedom; freedom from working at a job I don’t enjoy to purchase goods I don’t need to impress neighbors I don’t care about.

The market has been up and down over the last month, as it always is. The general gyrations of the market do not really phase me. I don’t generally get all that excited on big upswings or downtrends. For the most part, I receive a large commission check once a month, and with that money I look for the best valued security that falls into my entry criteria at the time of purchase. To be honest, I don’t even follow the market every day. I avoid a lot of the financial noise, because I’m completely secure that the path I am on will lead me to financial independence.

Things haven’t changed in my portfolio very much over the last month. The market seesawed for most of the month before skyrocketing at the end of June, just as July started. Some of my positions are down slightly, while others are up a bit. The main difference in my portfolio’s value came from my recent purchase in Intel. I feel really good about that purchase and am convinced it’s a great long-term value play.

The market value of the Freedom Fund currently stands at $35,267.51. That’s an increase from the last published value of $33,613.91. Again, this change in value is mostly reflective of my recent purchase in Intel.

Overall, I’m very excited with the continued progress of the Freedom Fund. I feel that I am managing it to the best of my capability, seeing as how I have limited resources on a middle-class income. I am strongly convinced that my plan of living frugally and maximizing monthly additions to my investments will ultimately deliver me flexibility and less worries down the road.

How are your investments doing?

Thanks for reading.


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    Mine went down but i kept my discipline of purchasing every month and now my portfolio is back up.
    I need to get back to writing :)

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    Good news on getting the portfolio back up! Discipline is the name of the game.

    Good luck on getting back to writing. I know that blogging is definitely more time consuming than I ever dreamed.

    Take care!

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    I love the name – Freedom Fund! Entry criteria is sensible and not too complicated.

    I started adding dividend paying securities right after the flash crash – can’t say I’m disappointed! :)

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    Thanks. I think it’s aptly named. :)

    I definitely can side with you on the lack of disappointment. I’ve invested every single month since I started in the early part of last year and so far, so good!

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    Loving your blog. Like you, I want to retire early and am putting the money I make now towards that purpose. I had previously been doing extremely well for myself and my kids, but a messy seperation and taking care of my kids most of the time now did away with all my savings. I started over from scratch last year, and am working hard towards rebuilding a retirement nest egg.

    I like your approach. I’m a bit more of a risk taker, I think, but thats because I’m a bit older than you and have more to work back from to get where I want to be. My portfolio is up this year (can’t complain) and my yield on assets right now is 4.5% (due largely to some riskier investments, I think). I look forward to reading more from you!

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    Neu Grufti,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry about the separation and the financial situation. Hopefully everything is alright for you. I can imagine starting over is very difficult. I’ve been very careful up until now relationship-wise, because a bad relationship can be more detrimental to personal finances than a stock market crash, imo.

    I seen your blog. Good stuff. It seems we have some similarities in relation to global investments and also a very similar sized portfolio and dividend income. I can clearly see you are more inclined to take on risk. I wish you the best of luck with your investments and starting over!

    Take care and keep in touch.

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