Weekend Reading – June 5, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Chevron Corporation (CVX) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Growth Investor analyzed Chevron, one of my holdings. I’m bullish, but tentative at the same time about oil going forward. It’s an energy source that isn’t going away anytime soon, but national governments are using muscle to gain contracts and reserves. Chevron is one of my favorite oil companies, however, and I wish I would have purchased more last year before the run-up.

Walmart International – A True Growth Story
The Dividend Pig talks a little about the international side of Walmart, something I touched on recently with my analysis on the company. I’m bullish about Walmart going forward, and the international division is going to fuel that fire.

Digging Into the Payout Ratio
The Dividend Guy discusses payout ratio, an extremely important but sometimes overlooked statistic. I like to keep payout ratios under 50% when possible. 

Dividend Investing With a 10/10 Rule
The Passive Income Earner screens for stocks that have paid dividends for the past 10 years and have raised the dividends by at least 10% annually over those 10 years. A pretty good list pops up, and I’m a fan of McDonald’s (one of my holdings), Novartis and TEVA. The rest of the list is also very interesting. Good stuff.

5 Dividend Stocks In Need Of A Market Correction
D4L presents a list of 5 dividend stocks that need a correction of 10% or more to become a “buy”. I agree with this list, and while they are all very strong companies and stocks, they also are a little expensive right now as they have all trended up with the general market over the last couple years. Coca-Cola is probably my favorite on this list, and I only hold a small position because it’s rarely on sale. That’s the price of safety and quality.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) Analysis 2011
Dividend Monk analyzes BIP, an MLP which holds infrastructure assets. I have not yet gotten around to investing in any MLP’s, as I am still building my core portfolio. MLP’s are something I will probably invest in once I fully understand the risks and implications. Of the MLP’s I’ve looked at, BIP seems very strong and DM’s analysis definitely makes me feel good about this partnership.

I’ll Maximize my TFSA first, thanks
My Own Advisor compares the TFSA to the RRSP, which are Canadian versions of the IRA and ROTH IRA here in the States. It’s a great article for any Canadian readers.

Two International Mobile Dividend Plays
DSO discusses a couple of plays in the international mobile phone market: Vodafone and China Mobile LTD. Interesting article, and VOD could become a valuable play if they start receiving dividends from their Verizon Wireless venture.

Thanks for reading.


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