Weekend Reading – May 29, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

The Best Website for Your Financial Plan
Dividend Partisan discusses Mint.com and why he’s a fan of the budgeting website. I also use Mint, and will probably discuss this at some point in the future. I recommend it fully.

How to live off dividends in retirement
Dividend Growth Investor shows how he plans to live off dividends in retirement and also discusses how he plans to introduce some fixed-income before retirement. Right now, I’m 100% equities, but may also introduce fixed-income into my portfolio at some point in the future.

15 Dividend Stocks Building Wealth With Dividend Increases
D4L presents a list of 15 dividend stocks that have recently increased their dividends. A fine list, and I wish I would have bought some FLO before their recent run-up. Too expensive for my tastes now.

Staples Inc. Value in Office Supplies?
Dividend Ninja asks the question is Staples a value play or value trap? Interesting information on Staples, and I didn’t know they had such a leg-up on their competition. They actually seem to be dominating the office supplies industry, and it’s something to keep an eye on.

Dividend Yield: Cincinnati Financial Corp. (CINF)
The Passive Income Earner analyzes Cincinnati Financial Corp. It’s a regional insurer, and while the yield is strong, the growth has been lacking over the last few years. I currently invest in another regional insurer (HGIC), but may give CINF a look in the future if things start to turn around for them.

April 2011 Dividend Income Update
My Own Advisor gives us an update on his dividend income. The numbers are getting bigger for him, and it’s always inspiring to see financial progress.

6 Significant Dividend Yields in the Health Care Industry
Dividend Monk lists some pretty hefty dividend yields in the health care industry. Even with the recent run-up of some health care stocks, there are still some decent buys in the mix. He previously analyzed Novartis, and this one seems like a pretty safe pick for some international flavor.

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