Weekend Reading – May 22, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Chevron Analysis – Low p/e, Should You Buy?
The Dividend Pig analyzes Chevron and puts forth a case of diluted interest in energy companies as whole. I am inclined to agree mostly. Energy is getting harder and more expensive to find, while national governments want to keep a tight lid on their supplies. Understandable. Is this a sunset industry? Only time will tell.

New Page! “Portfolio Progress”
Dividend Partisan adds a page to the blog titled “Portfolio Progress”. It will track his dividend income over time, and this provides inspiration and a nice tracking tool.

Are dividend stocks a separate asset class?
Dividend Growth Investor provides reasons why dividend stocks should not be considered a separate asset class. I completely concur with his opinion here.

Derek Foster Interview – Part 2
Dividend Ninja interviews Derek Foster in 2 parts. You can find the first part here. It’s a fascinating read, and although many American investors may not know of Derek Foster, he is one of the first people I read about and thought “if he can do it, so can I”. I can truly say that Derek Foster has been an inspiration for me. I am basically trying to copy his success, but I’m starting later and looking to end later (40 vs 34 years old).

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Dividend Stock Analysis
D4L analyzes Abbott Laboratories, one of my favorite companies and one of my largest holdings as of right now. I concur with his fair value price, and think it’s still a fantastic buy, even with the run-up it’s had. That just shows how fantastic it was at the mid-$40’s. His analysis is wonderful, and he obviously takes a great deal of time with the charts. Take a look.

Why your financial resolutions might have failed
My Own Advisor lays out reasons that any new year resolution goals you may have had failed. It’s always important with any goal to make sure it’s realistic and reasonable, stay positive and share with the world. I have followed his advice with my goals.

Novartis (NVS) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Monk provides a crystal clear and extremely thorough analysis, as always. This particular stock seems like a nice value right now, but be aware of the tax consequences.

The three biggest challenges following extreme early retirement
Jacob discusses how to work around usual problems with people’s perception of an early retiree. Great read, and this blog follows the life of a guy (Jacob) who retired after working only five years. Great stuff!

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