Weekend Reading – May 1, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Step 4: Socially Responsible Investing
Dividend Monk continues his series on building and managing a dividend portfolio. This article is really interesting and basically advises that you, the individual investor, should always due diligence on any company you plan on investing in and make sure it lines up with your moral and ethical value system. 

Highest Yielding Dividend Stocks of the S&P 500
Dividend Growth Investor highlights the ten highest yielding stocks in the S&P 500. I like MO and T the best out of the bunch, but I know many dividend investors that are keen on CTL.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividends 4 Life puts forth an excellent analysis on Wal-Mart, a company I’m bullish on. This is a fantastic analysis D4L is rating WMT as a 5-star strong buy currently. I’m inclined to agree with that.

Dividend Companies in the News 4.24.2011
The Dividend Pig gives a snapshot of important news on dividend companies over the past week. A few good dividend increases and some interesting information on Wal-Mart.

The Three Levers to Reach $1 Million
Dividend Partisan wrote a fantastic article on three important levers you must pull in order to achieve a portfolio worth $1 million. I personally feel the first two levers are more important than the third, as investing home runs aren’t necessary if one saves enough and invests long enough.

Part-2: The Yield on Cost Illusion
Dividend Ninja continues his series on “Can You Live Off Your Dividends”. An excellent article that illustrates how using YOC metrics can mislead an investor into thinking they are achieving better returns than they actually are. I agree with that. However, I think it’s important to track this number to see if you are getting the kind of compound and dividend growth you think you should be.

Dividend Yield: Telus Corporation (T)
The Passive Income Earner analyzes Telus, a Canadian telecom. Of all the telecoms, I’m bullish on TEF, which I own, and I also like the American (T)-AT&T.

Dividend Stocks Giving Bigger Increases
Buy Like Buffett highlights some of the recent dividend increases by a few renowned companies. I own three companies he lists and I’m actually a little disappointed with some of the dividend increases. I like raises somewhere closer to 8% or higher, and actually prefer double digits. The increases for CVX, XOM and JNJ were all a little disappointing for me. What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

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