I Have Been Added To The Div-Net

I wanted to make a proud announcement that as of today I have been added to the Div-Net, a network of investors focused on dividend investing and a long-term buy and hold philosophy. This is a great day for this blog, and I am really proud to be part of such a prestigious group of fellow like-minded investors. For any readers that are not already familiar with the Div-Net, you can read all about it here.

There are many members of this network that I’ve been following for some time, and many of these fellow bloggers have been integral in me starting my path to financial independence. Many of these members are already on my blogroll page and I’m really excited to be a part of this group.

To commemorate this occasion I’m completely revamping the look of my blog as of today. I feel that a lighter look will be easier on the eyes and hopefully be easier to read and follow. I was reviewing the way things are going with this blog, and I’m extremely happy with the progress so far and I hope that my readers have enjoyed my articles. I believe in being completely transparent in showing how a dividend growth portfolio is built from the ground-up, because frankly, I’m building one from the ground-up!

I hope you like the new look and I hope you review the Div-Net, if you haven’t already.

Thank you to the Div-Net for including me, and thank you to all my readers for your support!

Thanks for reading.


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