Weekend Reading – May 29, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors. The Best Website for Your Financial PlanDividend Partisan discusses Mint.com and why he’s a fan of the budgeting website. I also use Mint, and will probably discuss this at some point in the future. I recommend it fully. How to live […]

Goals Page Updated

May is ending and we are fast approaching the half-way mark through 2011. Where has the time gone?! The year is flying by and I thought this would be a good time to review the goals I set forth for myself at the beginning of 2011. I think when you are setting goals, it’s important […]

My New Ride!


Well, the time has come. I’ve always been the type to “walk the walk” once I talk the talk. I’ve written a number of times that I’d like to eventually live car-free. Well, that eventuality has come sooner than later. My old ride was this: That’s a 2006 base model Pontiac G6. Not the most […]

Weekend Reading – May 22, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors. Chevron Analysis – Low p/e, Should You Buy?The Dividend Pig analyzes Chevron and puts forth a case of diluted interest in energy companies as whole. I am inclined to agree mostly. Energy is getting harder and more expensive to find, while […]

Why I’m Buying Wal-Mart


I recently purchased additional shares with Wal-Mart, almost doubling my relatively small position. I wanted to talk a little today about why I made that decision, and why I think now is a great time to continue to accumulate Wal-Mart shares. A little about the company, per Morningstar: Wal-Mart Stores, with its $400 billion-plus in annual […]

Recent Buy


Well, I’ve made two recent purchases and I’d like to share those purchases and the reasons behind them. The market has been a little choppy lately. Commodities have been pulled back and forth, mostly on the volatility of oil. Every time oil gets expensive you have non-stop news on the subject and political backlash. It […]

I Have Been Added To The Div-Net


I wanted to make a proud announcement that as of today I have been added to the Div-Net, a network of investors focused on dividend investing and a long-term buy and hold philosophy. This is a great day for this blog, and I am really proud to be part of such a prestigious group of […]

Weekend Reading – May 15, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors. Best High Yield Dividend Growth StocksDividend Growth Investor highlights a list of eight high yield dividend growth stocks. Some people assume that by investing in dividend growth stocks you automatically have to accept low yield. This list proves otherwise. A stock […]

My Birthday…And One Year In


Well, my birthday has come and gone…and I’m now 29 years old. Although I have grown a year older chronologically, I have grown many years cognitively. I have been enlightened. I have seen the light, and am no longer in Plato’s cave. I have found budgeting, saving, dividend growth investing, living frugally..and I believe I […]

Why Dividends?

I’m a pretty open person, and I tend to get pretty excited about things. I get especially excited when something I’m doing is going to radically change my life. Ever since I’ve discovered budgeting and investing I feel like I’ve really revolutionized my outlook on life. I’m not saying that saving most of your money […]