Weekend Reading – April 9, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Step 3: Identify Your Core Competencies
Dividend Monk reiterates a classic investment strategy: invest in what you know.

Top Dividend Stocks of 2011, 1Q Update
Dividend Growth Investor gives us an update on the performance of his picks on the best dividend growth stocks of 2011. Looking good, and all very fine picks!

Monthly Progress Review: March
Dividend Partisan reviews his dividends received from March. His dividends received and mine are fairly close in amounts. It’ll be fun watching both of our passive income grow over time.

How To Track Your Dividend Investment Performance
The Passive Income Earner gives us more great tips on tracking investments through spreadsheets.

8 Companies With Consistend Dividend Growth Over 20%
The Dividend Pig gives us info on 8 companies with great dividend growth. An excellent read.

Dividend Income Progress Update – March 2011
Dividends Value gives an update on dividend income. Obviously huge numbers here, and something to really strive for!

High Yield Canadian Stocks: Part 1
Dividend Ninja gives us his take on some high yield stocks on the Canadian market. Always interesting to see dividend growth investing in foreign markets.

Using Bonds For Passive Income
Buy Like Buffett discusses the use of bonds for passive income. It’s always best to monitor your asset allocation, but I don’t currently use bonds as an investment instrument due to the low interest rate environment we are in. This is certainly something I will re-evaluate once interest rates start rising.

You can learn financial tips from Guns N’ Roses
My Own Advisor tells us how it’s possible to learn financial advice from former Guns N’ Roses bass player Duff McKagan. I have actually read his Duffonomics articles before and they are actually pretty cleverly written. Good stuff. I applaud his turn around in life.

Dividend Stocks Vs Corporate Bonds
The Dividend Guy compares dividend stocks to corporate bonds using current yields on both instruments. As I stated earlier I don’t have any allocation to bonds, due to the interest environment. Dividend stocks are very attractive right now when you compare to bond yields.

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