Weekend Reading – April 24, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Can You Live Off Your Dividends?
Dividend Ninja discusses whether it’s possible to live completely off of your dividends in retirement. It’s a great article and one which featured a lively discussion/debate in in the comments section!

Phillip Morris International (PM) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Growth Investor analyzes Phillip Morris International. This is one of my holdings and I believe in this company going forward. Great stuff!

10 Dividend Stocks For Healthy and Wealthy Retirement
Dividends 4 Life discusses how having a plan can make for a healthy and wealthy retirement. No need to stress or work until 80 years old if you put forth a clear and concise plan and invest in quality investments.

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Monk puts forth a wonderful and in-depth analysis on one of my larger holdings: Abbott Laboratories. This is an excellent article and worth checking out if you want to invest in this company.

Quarterly Review: JAN-MAR
Dividend Partisan reviews his portfolio’s first quarter performance. He’s slightly behind his goals for the year, but I’m quite confident he’s going to meet or exceed his goals. He’s on better track than I am!

Industry Announcement: Major Integrated Oil Gas Companies
The Dividend Pig mentions how he’s going to analyze major integrated oil companies in the next few weeks. Big Oil is a favorite of mine. We need it to power our cars, homes and cities. It’s not going away anytime soon.

Spring Update – 2011 Personal Finance and Investing Goals
My Own Advisor reviews his goals for 2011 and discusses his performance so far. I think the most important part of this article is always to have balance. In my own life I’m sometimes a bit extreme and could always use more balance. I think it’s important to save and plan, but also to live while you’re alive.

GE Increases Its Dividend
Buy Like Buffett talks a little about GE and the recent dividend increase. Only you can answer whether GE is a buy for your portfolio, but I’m still currently on the sidelines with this one.

Dividend Income: April 2011
The Passive Income Earner updates us on his dividend income for the month of April. Huge numbers as always, and the kind of stuff I’m striving for. I haven’t posted April’s numbers yet, but I’m nowhere near this. Hopefully, within 5 years I can be earning this kind of passive income.

Thanks for reading.


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    @Dividend Mantra

    Thank you for the mention, and for contributing to the lively discussion :) My apologies for not being able to explain myself more clearly to you. I’m glad you have it figured out now 😉 I think you will walk away with an extra tool to analyze your stock portfolio..

    Dividend Ninja

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    Dividend Ninja,

    Thanks for stopping by! No apologies necessary my friend. It was a friendly discussion and we were really saying the same words, but speaking a different language.

    Cheers to you as well!

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