Weekend Reading – April 16, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Reinvesting Dividends Pays Off
Dividend Growth Investor highlights why it’s so important to reinvest your dividends. I follow the same strategy as he does. I reinvest the dividend monies I receive once it reaches a certain threshold instead of following a DRIP strategy.

Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Monk analyzes a classic dividend growth stock in JNJ. It is my largest holding, so it should go without saying that I’m a fan of the company. This analysis is wonderful.

15 Dividend Stocks With A 15% Yield In 15 Years
D4L has moved his website and this is a classic article on why dividend growth investing works over time. Patience is key when you invest in the way we do, and this article highlights why patience pays off.

My favourite free stock screeners
My Own Advisors highlights his favorite stock screeners. I personally use Google Finance and the screener service through my brokerage account on Scottrade.

Dividend Investing: A Steel Company With A Quality Dividend
Buy Like Buffett discusses Nucor, a company I have on my watchlist currently. It’s a highly cyclical company, so finding the right time to buy is key.

The Weekly Lineup: What To Invest In Now?
Dividend Ninja discusses a little bit about asset allocation in the current market. Things are a little frothy right now and he’s holding steady in some bond funds. I currently have no bond allocation, as I’m waiting for interest rates to rise to perhaps invest a little in fixed-income securities.

Restaraunts Industry Comparison
The Dividend Pig compares some major players in the restaurant industry. I think we both agree in concluding that McDonald’s is the best play in that arena right now.

Dividend Yield: Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE)
The Passive Income Earner analyzed Bell Canada Enterprises. Although it’s certainly a good idea to keep your eye on many companies, this one falls outside my radar due to the lack of dividend growth.

The Future of the Stock Market
Dividend Partisan asks the question: Bull or Bear? He concludes that he is a bear on the current market, which is a conclusion that I agree with. Things are a little strong right now, and patiently analyzing quality companies is a prudent move right now. No sudden moves, and make sure you invest in quality and value.

Dividends – Where Do You Include Them In Your Asset Allocation?
The Dividend Guy asks where dividends fit in your asset allocation. For me, 100% of my investment allocation is in dividend growth producing equities. I always try to keep a small amount of cash on hand for opportunities, however.

Thanks for reading.


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