New Page: Dividend Income

I have decided to add a page to the top of my blog. I have called this new page “Dividend Income” and it will include a cumulative total, as well as month-by-month tabulations of dividends received. Each month’s entries will also be hyper linked to the individual blog article I posted so that you, the reader, can see which companies paid dividends and how much.

I think this will be helpful in keeping all dividend income information in one tidy spot. It will provide a clear picture of my dividend income and what kind of growth I am experiencing. I love being very direct and very forthright with my loyal readers and this will be my honest approach at providing a very transparent view into my dividend income and progress with such.

This blog is still in it’s infancy stage and so I am making improvements and changes as I go. I always welcome any helpful tips or comments on how it can be improved so that it can be easier to navigate, read or gather appropriate information.

Thanks for reading.


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    Funny man..I have a “Progress” tab that is ready to be published that is very similar in nature. We think alike.. Great idea though on the linkback. I dont have that, and won’t add it now either. And I’ll hold off on posting mine now until next month, but you are right… It is a good idea for monitoring, etc. Take care,

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    Great minds DO think alike. Sorry to steal your thunder brother…no harm meant! I’m anxious to see yours when it’s posted…it will give me something to shoot for.

    Keep up the great work.

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    Dividend Mantra,

    Thanx for the mention! :) Yes you certainly can use YOC to measure your increase in dividend income, many dividend investors do. I suggest also tracking your total return, wich will acutally show you exactly what you are earning on your investments 😉

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