Weekend Reading – March 26, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

The Return of Financial Dividends
Dividend Growth Investor discusses the recent announcement that many large financial institutions have been given a green light to start raising dividends. He is staying away from many of these large banks and I largely agree.

Canceling My Cell Phone Insurance
My Journey to Millions talks about canceling cell phone insurance. I honestly don’t carry such insurance and actually completely canceled my cell phone plan a couple months ago. I’ll talk about that later.

Dividend Portfolio Analysis: Part 1
Dividend Partisan takes time to analyze his portfolio, specifically diversification. I think it’s a great idea to analyze one’s own portfolio every so often to make sure it’s still meeting objectives.

The Usefulness of Asset Allocation
Dividend Monk posts about asset allocation, something every investor should take take time to review. Asset allocation is a very important part of an investor’s overall strategy.

Best Stocks For Dividend Investing
Buy Like Buffett continues his best stocks for dividend investing series. He discusses the very popular Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. Not my cup of tea, since I shy away from MLP’s, but I have looked at KMI.

Don’t Touch These 5 Dividend Stocks!
Dividends Value writes about how important it is to buy and hold. He also discusses some other very important pointers when it comes to dividend growth investing. A fine article, and it also highlights some core holdings.

Yum Brands: Dividend Growth with A Side of Debt
The Dividend Pig analyzes Yum Brands. I agree with his conclusion. It’s overvalued right now with a relatively low entry yield and higher debt than most are comfortable with. The growth story in China is intriguing, however.

How To Track Your Dividend Income
The Passive Income Earner gives some great tips on how to track your monthly dividend income. Tracking and comparing dividend income monthly and yearly is a necessity.

February 2011 Dividend Income Update
My Own Advisor reviews his monthly dividend income for the month of February. These types of articles are my favorites because it shows people real world examples of how successful dividend growth investing can be. Nothing beats collecting that check from your favorite business.

The Japan Effect
Dividend Ninja discusses the recent tragedy in Japan and shows readers that there are some real bargains out there. He reminds readers to stay the course and most of all remember that this is a human tragedy. Donate if you can.

Thanks for reading.

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