Weekend Reading – March 19, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors.

Six Dividend Payinng Sin Stocks to Consider
Dividend Growth Investor highlights some “sin stocks” to review. I have a few of these in my portfolio, and haven’t really thought about DEO until reading this. Very interesting!

Becton Dickinson (BDX) Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Monk analyzes Becton Dickinson, a high quality medical supplies and devices company. A wonderful company at an attractive valuation.

3 Dividend Stocks That I Will NEVER Lose Money On
Dividends Value highlights what he calls “Golden Stocks”. Very interesting read!

Accumulating Wealth: Series Conclusion
Dividend Partisan concludes his series on wealth accumulation. Spend less than what you earn, and invest the rest.

Evan’s Biggest Fear
My Journey To Millions talks about his biggest fear-being unsuccessful. It’s something a lot of us in this community can relate to.

McDonald’s Analysis: I’m Still Lovin’ It
The Dividend Pig talks about McDonald’s, a company I am very bullish on. Great food, great company. He mentions a couple things I didn’t in my recent analysis, including the great management they have. Great read!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Justin says

    Just picked upon your blog as I was steaming through Mr. Money Mustaches. Like what I am reading so far. Thanks for the effort.

    • says


      Ahh, one of my very first posts. This takes me back in time. :)

      Glad you stumbled upon the blog. I hope you enjoy your time here. If there’s ever any questions you have, please let me know.


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