My VOIP Cell Phone

Since deciding to live in more frugal ways in order to maximize my investments and savings, I’ve become very creative in cutting expenses. Most of my expenses are fairly “fixed” and can’t really be changed at the moment. These types of expenses would include rent, my car payment and student loan repayments. I can’t reduce […]

Weekend Reading – March 26, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors. The Return of Financial DividendsDividend Growth Investor discusses the recent announcement that many large financial institutions have been given a green light to start raising dividends. He is staying away from many of these large banks and I largely agree. Canceling […]

Three High Yield Stocks On My Radar

Looking at my portfolio over the last few days, I have noticed that I only have one high-yield stock currently in the stable. That one stock would be my position with Altria (MO). I consider a high yield anything over 5.5%, especially in this low-rate environment. I have a long watch list that I monitor […]



   I think everyone should find their own little piece of paradise in life. I may have found mine. I decided to move to Southwest Florida in mid-2009. Up until that point I had lived in the southeastern portion of Michigan for my entire life. I grew up in Detroit, and lived a great deal […]

Weekend Reading – March 19, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors. Six Dividend Payinng Sin Stocks to ConsiderDividend Growth Investor highlights some “sin stocks” to review. I have a few of these in my portfolio, and haven’t really thought about DEO until reading this. Very interesting! Becton Dickinson (BDX) Dividend Stock Analysis […]

Why I love PepsiCo


I have a confession. I love Coca-Cola, and I drink the red can everyday. I drink it pretty much exclusively. But that does not bias me against PepsiCo or any other beverage company. I really love PepsiCo, and wanted to devote today’s post to that love. Yesterday, I stopped in at my local Publix to […]

Cut Cable

One of the cornerstones of my investing philosophy is to live frugally. Frugal living offers many benefits to the individual investor, which I’ll expound upon frequently as I post. My foremost goal is to retire by 40 years old, paying expenses with the passive income stream I will have built by then. Living frugally will […]

Weekend Reading – March 12, 2011

Here are some excellent articles from the past week from fellow dividend growth investors. Proctor and Gamble – The Ultimate Dividend Stock?Dividend Partisan analyzes Proctor and Gamble – a core holding for most dividend growth investors. Step 2: Consider a Yield TargetDividend Monk talks about the second step in his guide to build and manage […]

McDonald’s – A Wonderful Company


  Living as frugally as I do, honestly I don’t visit McDonald’s very often. I decided early this morning I was going to write about McD’s and decided to visit a McDonald’s location close to my work today for lunch (for research and yummy goodness). I ordered a #1, which for anyone living under a […]

Dividend Income Update-January/February 2011


Each month I will post dividends received in the prior month. I will break these down by company and amount of dividends received per company. Since I recently started this blog, and I would like it to chronicle all of 2011, I will post dividends received in both January and February. January Dividends Received SYY […]